Recording for November 7, 2013

Week 97 – reading: AA 12 & 12 pg 26 paragraphs 1 & 2

“At this juncture…… But just how, in these circumstances, does a fellow ‘take it easy’?
That’s what I want to know.”

Question 1 (a) What does the “beginning of the end” in your recovery mean to you? (b) Why is Step 2 “the beginning of the end”?

Question 2 Are you willing to have Step 2 be “the beginning of the end” in Your recovery?

Question 3 What does the slogan “Take it easy” mean to You? Alanon says: “Take it easy but Do It”

Question 4 “Take it easy but do it!”- how does that play out for you personally?

Question 5 “Take it easy but do it”- what does that mean for your recovery?

Question 6 Have you taken the structure of the hoop (your addictions) and admitted you were powerless?

Question 7 Have you had the willingness to move another baby step through that hoop and admit that you need a HP?

Question 8 What’s your Action Plan to move another baby step or to take another giant step toward accepting in your core that you need a HP? Write it out and be specific.  (An Action Plan needs to be specific).

Stephanie’s Suggestion:
Have an accountability partner ( i.e. buddy, buddy group, or someone separate) to whom you report daily around an action plan you have developed.

Question 9 Where are you? (a) do you understand your need for an accountability partner? (b) do you see your accountability partner as a part of Step 2 – God with skin on, someone to talk to so we don’t lie to ourselves?

Question 10 Write out the concept of: ” The hoop you have to jump through is a lot wider than you think” (AA 12&12 p. 26/ para. 1, sentence 5) as though you were explaining it to a newcomer who has never read AA 12&12 before.

Question 11 (a) What does this mean to you in your own words: “God please help me. I need your help.”? (b) Are you saying it? (c) Are you willing to say it? (d) And what happens to you when you say it?

Question 12 Take paragraph 2 on page 26: (a) What truth is the newcomer being told?
(b) Have you found that to be true- that your Step 1 fellowship is full of people who once believed as you do? (c) Are you comparing where you are at spiritually with your HP with other people’s relationship to their HP?

2 thoughts on “Recording for November 7, 2013

  1. I thought I had accessed the member’s phone list, at one time, but now I can’t find it. I wanted to call some people to find an accountability partner. Can you help me find the phone list? Thanks.

    Debbie L. (Canada)

    • Hi Debbie. email and ask for the current member list. also ask Sue to include your name and contact number on the list as well as your request for an accountability partner…hope this helps!

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