Recording for January 1, 2014

(week 105) 2nd January 2014 12 Step Study Big Book Workshop
12 x 12 page 28. ‘Consider next the plight of those who once had faith…’ until line 6 of page 29 ‘He is the bewildered one.’

Write down:
Are you willing to have love and tolerance and have a daily Quiet Time?

Resentment is the No. 1 reason we go back to our drugs and the No 1 robber of the joy of sobriety.

The antidote to resentment is love and tolerance of others through having healthy boundaries.

Boundaries are for the specific reason of keeping you from hurting others. Radical!
Q1 Are you excited about this coming year and what your Higher Power and your recovery in this Big Book study is going to bring?

Page 21: Who cares to admit complete defeat?

Q2. Do you care to admit complete defeat?
b) In what areas?

Q3 Who do you have in your life as accountability partner?
b) Are they willing to tell you that you are playing God in your own life?
c) Will they guide you to stop being agnostic and aesthetic?

Q5 Write on the four road blocks of indifference, self-sufficiency, prejudiced, defiance.

Q6. What’s your opinion of Quiet Time?
Are you indifferent? Do you have a self-sufficiency?

2 thoughts on “Recording for January 1, 2014

  1. I want to thank you so much. I think this will really be good for me. I was wondering how I could get a buddy to work with me.

    • Hi Nomi, You can ask sue to put you on the buddy list.

      Kindly~ Jennifer

      Also, I just got this email from Sue as well.

      Starting this Sunday Jan. 12,’14, the Open Buddy Group will begin at 11am EST

      ( rather than 10am) and Encourages All of You to PLEASE COME & SHARE your SOULWORK with the rest of us. ‘Taste’ what we have to offer – you are ALL WELCOME!

      Phone# 712/ 432-0800

      Pin code 587213#

      *6 to mute & unmute

      Sundays 11a-12n EST

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