Recording for December 25, 2014

(Week 156) 25 Dec 2014-12 Step BB All Addictions Workshop:

In Depth review of Step Two

Next Week: Step Three Review & any Step Four Questions
Jan. 8, 2015: Back to Step Four

Again, do not hesitate to contact Stephanie
by text/ phone @ 617/ 774-7916 or
email her @

with any questions/ feelings of being stalled in progressing with doing your Fourth Step work/ fears
that may be coming up while inventorying yourself

Soul Work:

INVESTIGATE your own personal relationship with a Higher Power.
It’s okay if you don’t have one.
Just keep being Willing, Open, and Honest,
keep inventorying every day,
have an action plan,
and if people around you
( your buddy, buddy group, sponsor, etc.)
are not supportive
(of your desire for a relationship with One)
just change people.

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