Recording for February 23, 2017

Week 269 All Addictions Big Book Step Study

Today’s reading: End of Step Ten
AA 12&12 p.93 beginning of para 3 – p.95 end of chapter

“When evening comes…many of us draw up a balance sheet for the day. … THROUGH… Having so considered our day, … sleep in good conscience.”

Q(1)(a) Are you looking at your day during the day? (b) Are you doing an inventory at night?

Q(2)(a) Are you checking your behavior?
(b) When you find you have pride, jealousy, anger, or are fearful, are you doing some sort of inventory on it – resentment or fear inventory?
(c) And are you looking for the root
(d) Did you do one last night?
(e) What did you find when you last did one?
(f) Share it with your buddy or with a friend.

Q(3)(a) Do you see the value in spot-check reviews?
(b) Have you seen a change since you’ve been doing spot-check inventories – a change where you’re not putting your foot in your mouth, where you’re pausing
by doing the spot-check?

Q(4) When you find you’ve acted in a mistaken way, do you recognize what you’ve done and then visualize how you might have done it better?

Q(5) Is there any rationalizing going on in your life? Are you rationalizing anything (today)?
[Rationalization – “The temptation…to imagine that we had good motives and reasons” (to do something) “when we really didn’t.”] (p.94 para 2 last sentence)

Do you want to build good character?
Do you want to have good living?
Then Step Ten is the answer.