Recording for March 16, 2017

Week 272, March 16, 2017

Beginning Step Eleven.

Today’s reading:
BB p.85 begin para 1 – p.86 middle line 2

“It is easy to let up on the spiritual program of action and rest on our laurels. … THROUGH … It
works, if we have the proper attitude and work at it.”

Q(1) Are you walking towards prideful or humble thinking?

Q(2)(a) What does it mean “It is easy to let up on the spiritual program of action”?
(b)Have you done that?

Q(3)(a) What does it mean to rest on your laurels? (b) Have you? (c) Is there someone in your life or program that is resting on their laurels?
(d) How do you share this information that you got from this paragraph (BB p.85 para 1, first sentence)?

Q(4) Do you believe you are headed for trouble if you rest on your laurels?

Q(5) In the back of your mind, with the amount of sobriety you have, do you believe that you are really cured?

Q(6)(a) What does “daily reprieve” mean to you?
(b) What does “maintenance of our spiritual condition” look like in your life?

Q(7)Take the temperature – are you walking towards pride or towards humility?

Q(8)(a) How are you going to know God’s vision for His will/version of His will? (b)And how are you going to carry it in to all your activities?

Q(9)(a) How are you going to know how the God-of-your-understanding wants you to best serve Him? (b) And how are you going to serve Him?

Q(10) Write on the following and turn it over to somebody:
(a) Thank God for what you’ve been given
(b) Thank God for what God has taken from you
(c) Thank God for what God has left you

Q(11) “Better men than we are using it constantly.” (see BB p.85 beginning of last sentence)
(a) What does ‘constantly’ mean?
(b) What do you want to do – do you want to be praying constantly? (It’s up to you.)

Q(12) People who have constant contact
with God are happy, free, joyous and sober. Are you – happy, free, joyous and sober?

Q(13) What attitude are you bringing into
Quiet Time? Is it intimacy?