Recording for March 23, 2017

Week 273, March 23, 2017
Step Eleven continued.

Today’s reading:
Big Book p. 85 begin para 3 – p. 86 end of first full sentence.
“Step Eleven suggests prayer and meditation. … Better men than we are using it constantly. It works, if we have the proper attitude and work at it.”

Q What does it mean to be “in fit spiritual condition”?
A These are suggestions (not original to Stephanie but from a workshop attended) given by Stephanie:

(1) Pray constantly.

Each moment try to have constant contact with God. How? Through conversation.
Conversation = PRAYER.
Prayer= talking to God. …TALKING

(2) Meditate daily = LISTENING, in Quiet Time.

(3) Read Twelve Step literature and spiritual literature Daily.

(They can be one and the same.)

(4) Give program away, most especially the Spiritual part.

(5) Talk daily to Twelve Step people and also an accountability person (the latter can be the same person you call your ‘sponsor’).

(6) Do service in your groups.

(7) Go to meetings and business meetings and share recovery, not the problem. Participate in a positive way.

Share about how God is the foundation of the Steps and be willing to be driven out of your Step One Fellowship because of speaking too much about God.

(8)Stay up to date with any resentments, fears, selfish motives, and dishonesty
( Step Ten).

(9) Be at peace with yourself and others by making amends when needed (Steps Eight and Nine).

(10) Stay rigorously honest

(100% honest about 100% of your life; no shaving the truth).
Say what you mean, mean what you say, but don’t say it mean.

(11) Surrender your will to God’s Will.

Look up: constantly

Q(1)(a) Write on each of the eleven suggestions above. What do they look like? (b) Do you want them? (c) Are they useful? (d)How are you doing them? Give examples.

Q(2)(a) Are you doing prayer and meditation constantly? (b)What does constantly mean to you – once a day/ twice a day/ when you get into trouble?

Q(3) “It works… .”
(a) What do you say ‘it’ means?
(b) Own the ‘it’ promise. Does it work for you?
(c) Has it worked for you in the past and not anymore? Or are you just new to working prayer and meditation?

Q(4) Put the word PROMISE above “It works”.
Are you willing to devote one-third of your day to prayer and meditation to get the promise that ‘it works’?

Q(5) Have the proper attitude of Gratitude.
(a) What about you – what does proper attitude mean to you?
(b) Do you have it?
(c) And if yes, are you doing the proper Action Plan around it and working at it?