Recording For April 20, 2017

Week 277

Big Book All Addictions Step Study~April 20 2017

Questions for Week #277
Big Book, page 86
We live in 10, 11 & 12. All day long. It flows like a day. Like one continuous day (ex: you can skip the afternoon etc.) Continue to take personal inventory and when you’re wrong, promptly admit. And you might not know you’re wrong until 3 days later. Don’t separate them. They are very fluid, like a day.

Step 10 is the walking around step. Trying to be as conscious as you possibly can about how you’re reacting and interfacing with other people. Walking through your day: is it kind? is loving? Is it considerate? Are you living recovered?

Step 11 is prayer and meditation. All day long. God help me accept this….. Mediation is not necessarily sitting in a quiet place. Stephanie meditated on making pies, or on lifting weights. And if you have a conscious contact with God, then every action you do is a form of mediation and action.
We’re living in 10, 11 and 12 and when we’re not our conscious lets us know, we’re inventory, admit it, make amends.

Being recovered (living in 10, 11 & 12) is God conscious all of the time. That’s our goal. “Having had a spiritual experience” you don’t forget it or who gave it to you. And when you’re not living loving, forgiving, patient etc, you’re not living in God consciousness. So inventory yourself, go to God in quiet time, do action plan (maybe to change your thinking) and work it in all your affairs.

Look up: “divorced”, “self pity”, “dishonest”, “self seeking”, “motives”

1) Write in your own words how is Steps 10, 11, 12 one fluid Step?
2) What does “pray, plan, prepare and protect” mean in relation to Steps 10, 11, 12?
3) Do you make plans (rough plans ok) for your day? You can relate ‘action plan’ to this. How can you live a ‘recovered life’ in your day.
4) What does “consider your plans for the day” mean to you, after hearing what Stephanie related what it means for her?