Recording For August 17, 2017

Week 294 August 17 2017 12 Step Big Book All Addictions Workshop

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AA 12 Steps and 12 Traditions
page 101:2

soul work

Q1 What does it mean to you to be ‘self-forgetting’? Give an example when you have been self-forgetting in the past month.

Q2 What does it mean to you to give comfort than to give comfort. Give an example.

Q3. What does it mean to understand than to be understood? Give an example

Q4. What does it mean to forgive than to be forgiven? Give an example.

Q5. Where are you today?
In meditation ask: ‘God how can I honour you in my life? Thy will God not mine be done.’

Q6. For the coming week during Quiet Time tell God where you are each day and explore in meditation what ‘Thy will not mine be done’ means to you.’

Q7. Do you feel your Quiet Time is an individual adventure? Do you go to your Quiet Time knowing that you and God are up to something special – like a very special adventure?

Underline. But its object is always the same: to improve our conscious contact with God, with His grace, wisdom and love.

Q8. When you go to Quiet Time, are you feeling God’s grace, wisdom and love?

Q9a). Have you seen your channel with God widen? And if you haven’t what do you think you can do to improve your conscious contact with God to feel His grace wisdom and love?
b) Can you bring more of an open mind, unhurried time, a desire to Quiet Time? If so, ask: ‘God help me to have an improved conscious contact with you. Help me to feel your grace, hear your wisdom, help me to feel your love.’


Recording For August 10, 2017

12 Step Big Book All Addictions Workshop
Week #293 August 10 2017

12 Steps and 12 Traditions
Bottom of page 100~101

1). Read over the 11th Step Prayer, and reread it again. Sit quietly and ask your Higher Power what the inner essence is that your Divine Source wants you to understand.
Glean the best from it for you and your life. Then write out the inner essence for you. Write out what you want your inner essence of your personhood to be (like you would a business statement or mission statement for your business or foundation).

2.) What is a “Channel”? Look it up. What does “Channel of Grace” mean to you?

3.) Do you want to be a channel of grace that brings love, forgiveness, harmony, truth, faith, hope, light, joy, comfort and understanding to all? Be honest with yourself.

4.) If you do want to be that channel, do you see yourself as accomplishing it? Write an example that you have seen. Could you be doing more? Brig this to Quiet Time as a request to your Higher Power.

5.) Who in your life is a channel giving you grace of love, forgiveness, harmony, truth, faith, hope, light, joy, comfort and understanding? You need to receive so as to refill your own well. Plus, other people need the joy of giving to you, so you must accept it from them.

6.) How good are you at accepting people’s gifts? Who is wanting to give you this grace? It must be two-way street.

Give + take=healthy relationship

7.) What does “Self-forgetting” mean? Really investigate it.

Recording For August 3, 2017

week #292 August 3 2017 12 Step Big Book All Addictions Workshop

12 Steps and 12 Traditions
Bottom of page 99~100

A) What is a “spiritual objective”? Is yours selfish, self centered; will it hurt family, myself, society?

1) Describe in detail the way you meditate. Do you have any resistance to the 11th Step prayer? What words, phrases?
What did you replace that with?

2) Do you “debate” when you are meditating? (top of page 100)

3) Describe how it feels to rest quietly with the thoughts you know come from God.

4) What are using now to bring yourself into quiet time? For example what prayer, literature, religious text?

5) Are you willing to partake and strengthen and be lifted up by the sheer spiritual power, beauty and love of which those magnificent words are the carrier?
(1rst paragraph, page 100?)