Recording For August 3, 2017

week #292 August 3 2017 12 Step Big Book All Addictions Workshop

12 Steps and 12 Traditions
Bottom of page 99~100

A) What is a “spiritual objective”? Is yours selfish, self centered; will it hurt family, myself, society?

1) Describe in detail the way you meditate. Do you have any resistance to the 11th Step prayer? What words, phrases?
What did you replace that with?

2) Do you “debate” when you are meditating? (top of page 100)

3) Describe how it feels to rest quietly with the thoughts you know come from God.

4) What are using now to bring yourself into quiet time? For example what prayer, literature, religious text?

5) Are you willing to partake and strengthen and be lifted up by the sheer spiritual power, beauty and love of which those magnificent words are the carrier?
(1rst paragraph, page 100?)